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Our commitment to the long-term care of our patients is based on the recognition that each pet is different. Personalized care is carried out, bearing in mind the species, breed and sex of each patient. At the initial consultation, we outline the long-term health care plan for the life of your pet. When you're searching for a veterinarian in Langley, choose commitment and experience.

Wellness Programs

We believe that preventative health is an important part in the ongoing health and happiness of your pet. Regular wellness exams allow us to identify problems before they become a major medical issue. Annual physical exams are generally recommended; however, senior pets usually require physical exams every 6 months.

Puppy & Kitten Programs

Our first-year program takes you through all the requirements for the first year of your pet's life. It includes a discussion of vaccination, parasite control, behavioral training, spaying/neutering and nutrition. 

Senior Programs

As your pet progresses in age, its health care requirements change. Medical conditions can start to emerge, such as osteoarthritis, liver, heart and kidney disease. The gold standard for senior pet care is having a senior health care plan based on bloodwork. A baseline blood analysis will form a senior health care plan for your pet's individual needs.

Dental Programs

Dental disease is a common problem in both dogs and cats. Plaque, tartar and bacterial infection can cause bad breath, along with liver, kidney and heart infection. In older pets, dental disease can contribute significantly to the aging process. Dental disease can be prevented by custom fitting a dental food into the health care plan and by learning how to clean your pet's teeth. 

Laboratory Diagnostics

We have an excellent relationship with both IDEXX Laboratories and True North laboratories who perform most of our diagnostic blood work. They have pathologists and internal medicine specialists who provide excellent diagnostic interpretation of blood, urine, fecal and tissue samples.

Medical Imaging

The practice has two radiology units - one for general radiology and the one for dental radiology. In addition we consult with radiology specialists all over North America. Dr. Doug Casey is available for in-house ultrasounds and is board certified in small animal medicine.


Chiropractic Care

Nutrition Program

Our experienced team provides spay and neuter services, as well as most other surgeries that can occur in your pet's life. For specialized services, we have access to board certified surgeons in our area. Our teams of doctors are suitably trained in anesthesia, fluid therapy, pain control and the general aftercare of your pet. We understand that surgery is stressful for both you and your pet. Therefore, we ensure that communication lines are maintained at all times to update patient status throughout the day.

We provide animal chiropractic care as a natural way to promote joint health. Chiropractic care focuses on the brain and it's coordination with the body. 


Joints can become restricted due to injury, inflammation or age-related changes. Chiropractic restores optimal mobility to joints, decreases pain and improves proprioception (the body's sense of joint movement and position). Increased proprioception prevents injuries and allows your 4-legged family member to move better as they age!

We believe in a nutrient based food philosophy rather than a marketing trend idea. We offer a complete range of food products from Royal Canin, Hill's and Iams which are all custom fit to your pet's species, age, breed and medical condition. We choose the products based on the outstanding results we have experienced. The products we sell have excellent quality control regarding the safety of your pet.

Weight Loss Programs

Obesity is as much a problem in pets as it is people. This disease can lead to diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease and greatly reduce the overall quality of your pet's life. We have a great weight loss program using scientifically based products which do not harm your pet. They include a variety of weight reduction foods custom fit to your pet's needs.

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Dental Disease / Programs: 

Did you know that 80% of dogs and cats over the age of 6 have dental disease? Dental disease is not 'normal' for pets. Dental tartar pushes the gum away from the tooth, followed by infection and bad breath. In particular, small dogs have more calcium in their saliva which creats more tartar and causes periodontal disease.


Not only is dental disease painful, but infection can spread to the heart, liver and kidneys, contributing to disease in these organs. In older pets, this can contribute to the aging process. Proper cleaning involves anesthesia and cleaning under the gum line.


A physical exam is carried out first. Blood work may be necessary depending on the age and health of the patient. Intravenous fluids are maintained during the procedure to ensure blood pressure is regulated. The teeth are then evaluated on an individual basis. Every tooth is scaled and polised and checked under the gum line. If deep infection is present, extractions may be necessary. 


Our practice is equipped with digital dental x-ray to evaluate the tooth roots, high speed dental cleaning equipment and anaesthetic monitoring to ensure your pet receives the highest level of care.


Cats are particularly prone to cavities, especially below the gum line. Particular attention is carried out in their evaluation under anaesthetic. Teeth with cavities exposing the dentine are painful and are usually extracted. 


The good news is that prevention methods are available. In pets that allow it,  regular brushing with toothpaste can greatly reduce the ongoing development of dental disease. Dental diets by Royal Canin and Hill's are available - they are designed to create a scrubbing effect and can prevent tartar build up by binding calcium in the saliva.


Clients are often worried about having dental procedures performed under anaesthetic on senior patients. However, patients are never too old to have pain and infection healed. Our anaesthetic procedures are designed to be as safe as possible.


Often, clients state a major improvement in their pet's health following dental treatment since infection and pain has been removed. Your pet's teeth should be examined every year at an annual physical exam; with senior pets, every 6 months.


Remember, animals have a natural instinct to hide pain. Normal eating is not a reliable indicator of the absence of pain. Please keep up with regular physical exams to ensure full preventative care.



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