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Brookswood Veterinary Hospital is a small animal practice caring for dogs and cats. Since 1977, the practice has been committed to the long-term health care of our patients in the Langley community. Our compassionate team strives to create personalized healthcare in a warm, friendly ambience. We are proud of our new facility that opened in 2007. Tours of the facility are welcome.


We offer strategic programs for the lifetime of your pet, starting with our puppy and kitten programs, through to adulthood and senior status programs. What makes us unique is that we tailor the health care plans to each individual pet based on species, breed, age and sex. For example, the requirements for a Doberman are much different from that of a Yorkshire Terrier.


The doctors and staff of Brookswood Veterinary Hospital are very motivated to maintain and improve their professional skills through continuing education. Our goal is to commit to the long-term health care of your pet, and by doing so, helping your pet live a happy, healthy, full life. Call our clinic to book an appointment for your pet today. We are located behind the Brookswood Professional Centre, bordering the beautiful Brookswood Park. Ample parking is available on site. 


Our philosophy: 

"Caring for your family pets

as if they were our own."

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